I am a
Jordanian - Lebanese

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Music is...

my dream,
my reality
& my identity.

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When I sing, my heart is overwhelmed with joy, and the place I am in shrinks. 

Music gives me wings and my voice moves me out of time and space

Sometimes life draws us apart from our authentic selves as reality and society impose on us a certain pattern of work and living

my grandfather...

made sure i knew how beautiful

I used to hide my feelings and desires behind a costume and a smile, chocking my voice but unable to repress my thoughts

my grandfather...

made sure i knew how beautiful

That's why I started following more & more my intuition and I have decided to abandon this world and embrace art, for work and life!

my grandfather...

made sure i knew how beautiful

my artistic color


I sing a variety of styles and colors in different Arabic dialects.

Listen to my own songs and my covers of some top artists’ songs.

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let's sing together and hear the world sing!

After I hear your voice, I will contact you to perform a song together, which we
post on my website and accounts on the media so that others can listen and get to know you!
using # غني_مع_ميرا

The stage is...

my home,
my temple, & my

When I step onto the stage and stand behind the microphone, gazing out to the audience, I come to the profound realization that I was born for this place
to mirror people's emotions, to give Arab youth an art that expresses them
to serve with my voice, words, and stance their right to







all that can stir in a person's heart of feelings and in their mind of thoughts.
Mira Habash

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